Energy Yields from Green Fields

Maximise your land assets value by generating clean energy and long-term revenue streams.
beaufort energy green field development hills with wind farm

Leading the Transition to Renewables in the Energy Sector

Beaufort Energy is a fast-growing business developing physical power assets to complement our established trading activites. Using technology and analytics expertise will place Beaufort Energy at the forefront of the energy transition.
Total gas traded.
Total power traded.

Transforming Energy Trading

Revolutionising the EU energy market with cutting-edge solutions
Expert Team
Experienced professionals dedicated to delivering exceptional results.
Asset Optimisation & Operation
Leveraging advanced technology to optimise energy trading strategies.
Energy Storage Development
Creating a greener future through renewable energy projects.

How it works

The process from start to finish can take 3-4 years dependent on Grid offer.
Enquiry / Prospect
Initial enquiry phase, if you have land you think fits the criteria we can organise a call with one of the team.
1-2 weeks
Internal Suitability Check
The team will check the suitability of the site, in terms of location, planning and environmental factors.
4-6 weeks
Grid Review/ Application

Once site suitability is established, a grid application will be made.
4-6 months
Project Agreement
When the grid application is on going, Heads of Terms will be agreed between the parties, and once a grid offer is received, agreements will be signed.
1-2 months
Once the agreements are signed and the connection date is confirmed, planning will be submitted.
12 - 18 months
Construction & Energisation
Once Planning has been approved, construction will start to align with the connection date.
9-15 months

Experts in their field

Beaufort Energy David Brookes
David Brookes
Managing Director & Founder
David Brookes, Managing Director & Founder of Beaufort Energy at Roscommon Analytics, Europe's Gas & Power Business, is based in London. With 20+ years' Commodities and Energy trading experience, he excels in business building and trader management.
Beaufort Energy Jim Nichol
Jim Nichol
Commercial Manager
Jim has worked for 20 years in short-term energy trading and asset optimisation and has a wealth of experience in maximising value from asset flexibility.
Beaufort Energy Richard Flynn
Richard Flynn
Technical Manager
Richard has been involved in the distributed energy industry for over 20 years, in a range of Engineering and Commercial roles within organisations ranging from Fortune 500 to technology start-ups.
Beaufort Energy Gareth Walsh
Gareth Walsh
With over 20 years’ experience in energy trading, covering gas, power, emissions, oil and oil products Gareth has wide ranging experience in risk management, pricing and hedging.
Beaufort Energy Edmund Peel
Edmund Peel
Business Development Manager
Ed is an experienced energy specialist with expertise in renewable energy, storage solutions, and business development.

What we look for

Power Access
Locations close to an electrical Sub Station or overhead power lines or cables.
Rural or Industrial
Sites can be developed on Green and brown field sites. Over 1.5 acres.
The site is not within an AONB, National Parks, SSSI or 100 meters from a residential area.

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